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Means to improve physical and mental qualities of athletes and other people
Falosil is the latest intimate cream for men with organic silicon!

Academician Voronkov in 1975, the first and only chemist in the world, synthesized the organic formula of silicon, no one can repeat this until today! This discovery became a scientific breakthrough, which completely changed the concept of the interaction of substances in our body.

The most common element in nature is oxygen. Silicon (Silicium - Si) is the second most commonly occurring element on earth. This substance is everywhere in nature, which requires strength, flexibility and elasticity. It is an essential trace element for all living beings and is found in every cell in our body.

At age 20, the body loses its ability to retain silicon (Si). The human body is unable to produce silicon (Si) itself.

It is an essential trace element in our body. In the absence of silicon, 76 of the 104 elements are absorbed by the body in the wrong way. Most diseases are due to the lack of silicon. When calcium is an essential element in solid bone formation, silicon is an element that determines the properties of elastic structures: tendon connective tissue, vascular walls, stomach and intestinal walls, internal secretion glands, cartilage, synovial fluid of the liver, reverse valve system in the veins and cardiovascular system valves Therefore, silicon is necessary for the normal functioning and formation of these structures. If there is a silicon deficit, then calcium as a more active element replaces silicon in all flexible structures, making them rigid and rigid. This is precisely the case of atherosclerosis, intestinal atony, ostochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, cardiac valve calcification, venous insufficiency, kidney and gall bladder stones, prostate, pancreas, and the like. The normal operation of the vein valves is also dependent on silicon. Silicon prevents cholesterol deposition, provides vascular permeability and valve elasticities. This also applies to male erectile dysfunction, as it affects normal blood circulation in the penis.

Still illness caused by lack of silicon:
  • disbacteriosis, osteomalacia, colitis, gastritis, ulcers, polyps, diverticulosis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, polyarthritis;
  • cardiovascular diseases: atherosclerosis, stroke, infarction;
  • erectile dysfunctions;
  • stones in the prostate, liver, kidney, pancreas, endometriosis, skin diseases (psoriasis), immune deficiency.

Another of the most valuable properties of this mirror element is its ability to attract moisture. So - it also cares about the natural moisture levels of the skin. It is even estimated that one silicon gel molecule is able to attract 300 water molecules.

Silicon is also needed for athletes who want to increase their strength and muscle mass as a result of all the above mentioned efects.
Falosil - Male power
The cream was created by the great Russian scientists - men's, especially for men. In this development, the dream of the entire male population of the planet was realized: the possibility of a long, bright, active sexual life.

And all this without contraindications and harm to the body. To assess the full power of this scientific masterpiece, you need to get a little acquainted with its composition.

This cream is created on the basis of an innovative bio-complex that has no analogues in the world: silatrane, germanium and trekrezan. In this connection, the cream has a pronounced therapeutic multi-action, and not a short-term, local effect. This is the strongest competition for certain products in this direction.
The combination of silicon biostimulators together with germanium and the ancient recipes of the Kamasutra will bring you joy and harmony in communicating with your beloved.

As a result, this cream increases the potency, strengthens the erection and orgasm, prolongs the act, has a curative effect on prostatitis, prostate adenoma and oncology. Protects against virus, bacterial and fungal infections. Has a pleasant smell.

It activates the reparative processes, restores the normal functioning of the connective tissue of the cavernous body. Helps reduce the sclerotization of blood vessels and increase the elasticity of the canals.

Affects the increase in the size of the sexual organ and sexual activity.

Essentially prolongs the erection, helps to enhance pleasure, to bring variety to the sex life and add new vivid impressions.

Does not contain hormones.
  • accelerates and strengthens the erection,
  • reduces the risk of diseases with trichomoniasis, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus and other infectious diseases,
  • 95% protects your partner from unwanted pregnancy in the absence of a condom,
  • relieves itching,
  • heals cracks, wounds, microtraumas.

ATTENTION! with prolonged, daily use with a special massage increases the diameter and length of the penis.


Bio-complex silatrana with copper salts, essential oils of fir, wormwood, lavender, camphor, extracts of pepper, bergenia, olive and sandalwood oil.


Apply on the palm of your hand and gently rub the intimate organ.
1bottle = 49 €

3 bottles (1 course of admission) = 115 €
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