EREKTRON - treat prostatitis and  enlarge potence

In youth the man "can" but does not have the knowledge...
In mature age comes the knowledge, but the power of youth has faded away...

So, exactly to be able to command the same power as in one’s youth, even when the age is quite significant, when it seems that the abilities are far from what they once were – here is the device that helps in solution of such a widespread male problem as prostatitis. And what is really interesting – using this device men of any age (even completely healthy) develop growth in their "might" (erection) and libido (sex drive), also the emotions during the sexual act reach unprecedented heights.

This has the same impact on many males as the famous viagra, but it has no negative side effects – really unlike viagra! Besides the improvement of erection this device helps men to solve the problems of prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis and other illnesses.

And one more thing – this device helps not only the men. but also the women! You can read about the revitalising influence this device has on women

EREKTRON – for treatment of prostatitis and increased potency
Are you worried by prostatitis?
You experience problems with your erection?
You are desperate to live full sexual life?!

Gastro-enteral rectal-vaginal autonomous electric stimulator «EREKTRON» is here to help you! «EREKTRON» is an autonomous rectal electric stimulator, designed for treatment of prostatitis and renewal of man's potency. EREKTRON is an autonomous electric stimulator of a new generation, capable of treatment of sexual illnesses in males of any age. Renewed and increased potency! Efficient help in cases of erectile dysfunction. Improved erection! Treatment of prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis. Renewed joy and self-confidence returned to you!
From the designer and manufacturer.
Registration certificate No. FS 022a5830/1063-04 issued by the Russian Ministry of Health Care.
This product is certified.
The most recent achievement of Russian (PA Research Institute) and German (TCI medTech) scientists.
Gastro-enteral rectal-vaginal autonomous electric stimulator EREKTRON for use in complex treatment schemes in gynaecology, urology, proctology and human reproduction sphere both in out-patient treatment and at the privacy of home
One of the most serious problems in the practice of andrology is chronic inflammations of sex gland. This problem has not lost its acuteness According to research data prostatitis is diagnosed in 20-45 %  of males and especially those aged 20-45 – that is, able-bodied and in the reproductive age. Treatment of this illness is a complicated task combining medical therapy with phyisical, balneo and reflex therapy. In treatment of these illnesses physical therapy methods are among the most important and efficient.

The following diagnosed conditions in andrology practice can be treated using the EREKTRON stimulator:

1. Chronic prostatitis in a stage of moderate gravity or stage of remission.
2. Sexual dysfunction along with a chronic prostatitis or as an independent condition:
- weakening of erection, not caused by pathology of penis blood vessels;
- impossibility to sustain the erection during a sexual intercourse until the outburst of semen;
- permanent reduction of sexual intercourse duration;
- inability or difficulty to ejaculate;
- reduction in psychological intensity of orgasm.
The therapeutic effect of the electric stimulator EREKTRON

After a treatment course using EREKTRON the patients reported the following changes:
general improvement of condition 
elimination of the pain syndrome
elimination of the diuretic syndrome
improvement of sexual function
increase of libido
adequate reactions
normalisation of sexual intercourse duration
The symptoms observed in patients in relation with prostate were completely eliminated.
Manual examination of prostate observed reduction of pain and oedema, the prostate tone normalisation - 76 %.
Examination of prostate secretion the majority of patients (81%) showed normalisation of leucocyte amount and increase of lecithin grain content.
Analysis of ejaculate showed both quantitative (total number of spermatozoids) (67%) and qualitative (76%) (percentage of active moving spermatozoids and reduction in their aglutination) improvement.
Prostate ultrasound examination showed its reduction in size based on improved drainage function - 61 %.
The further examinations (carried out 1 and 6 months later) confirmed stable remission for the given patients in the specified timeframe.
The control group was also observed, consisting of chronic prostatitis patients undergoing the regular therapy according to the traditional scheme (drugs, massage) without the use of EREKTRON device. 
The use of EREKTRON  provides solution for several problems at the same time:
Electrostimulation is possible not only at home, but also at work, while commuting, etc.;
1. Full safety ensured in insertion of the stimulator in rectum, as organoleptically the stimulator corresponds to a rectal suppository;
2. Increase of treatment efficiency, as the stimulator provides opportunity for several electrostimulation sessions during the same day.
The performed clinical research proves that EREKTRON provides the following effects:
allows to eliminate pain using electric impulses;
allows to to renew blood microcirculation by elimination of chronic obstipation, thus producing positive effect in reduction of endointoxication;
it increases bacteriostatic function, providing for internal electrophoresis of drugs, concentrating them locally and simultaneously reducing the stress caused by the drugs on other organs and the organism as a whole;
it increases the efficiency of complex treatment of chronic inflammations in sexual organs by 2-3 times;
it helps efficiently eliminate the sexual dysfunction resulting from the illnesses listed above;
it can be used independently for renewal of male potency.
The use of EREKTRON is comparatively simple and comfortable, while the positive influence on the copulative function may already become sensible within a few minutes – one's sexual life becomes more exciting and full.


The use of EREKTRON stimulator in treatment of males with chronic prostatitis complicated by copulative and reproductive dysfunction provides substantial positive result and leads to the following conclusions:
1. EREKTRON stimulator provides analgesic effect based on specific electric impulses.
2. Improvements of trophics and metabolism have anti-oedemic and anti-inflammation effect, stimulating reparative processes.
3. Majority of the patients achieve quick and stable normalisation of sexual and reproductive function, stimulating renewal of harmonic relationship with the sexual partner.
4. The methodology of rectal application of EREKTRON stimulators is simple, safe and accessible to absolute majority of patients.

Erektron in action
NOTE! This device is no panacea, and it will not cure serious cases like – stage III adenoma, which can only be cured by surgical methods! But these extreme cases aside – it will definitely improve the life quality. And the sooner a man starts thinking of prophylactic measures against prostate inflammations and enlargement the better for him. The famous urologist Prof. A. Kamalov commented as follows: "Respect! This device a a prophylactic means can perform miracles. I would recommend it to all men above the age of 40 as a course twice a year".

1) acute heart disease, the patient uses a cardiostimulator;
2) acute inflammation of prostate, prostate cancer, concrements (calculi) in prostate and ureter.
Feedback 1
"I am a taxi driver. Some five years ago for the first time problems with potency arose, you know, sitting all day long, little blood circulation in prostate. Had no sexual intercourse with my wife for a year. Tried the electric stimulator. Now all problems are in the past. Recommend to all drivers!"
Valdis. 48 years.
Feedback 2
From a letter: "Yesterday evening I had the third treatment 20 min. (10, 15, 20) as stipulated by the instruction manual, without much trust, but with a mere hope. This morning for the first time in many years I had a hard-on!!!. In my 65 I am ecstatic. For some 10 years I have had nothing like that in the morning. If until now I went to see girls just to play around, now I might have some proper sex again, of course, not right away. I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO YOU!
I also hope that I might be able again to have a night's sleep without getting up to go to the loo. This thing you distribute is a pure miracle. Keep up the good work – you know how to make people happy. Until now I have only had – systematic apathy, inferiority complex,  etc., now I hope these may be overcome and some joy of life can be renewed. Thank you so much one more time."
Imants. 65 years.
Can the electric stimulator replace the manual massage frequently recommended by urologists?
The manual massage is not included on the list of treatment recommended by the Ministry of Health, as only 13 of the prostate receives any treatment this way. The impulses of the electric stimulator improve blood circulation in the whole body of prostate.
My erection is weak, will the electric stimulator help?
By stimulation of blood circulation in cavernous bodies of penis the electric stimulator improves erection.
When the device shall be used in order to improve erection – before the sexual intercourse or during it?
It can be used both before and during the intercourse.
What is the resource of the device?
Approximately 100 hours of continuous work (75 hours guaranteed) – which means 200 to 400 sessions.
Price: 150 EUR (The price includes EMS delivery)
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