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Actovegin in sports.

The end of 2000. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) makes Actovegin on the list of doping. But already in 2001, Actovegin is excluded from this list for lack of evidence of the doping effect. Actovegin was once in the center of scandals, but "stood up", rehabilitated himself every time.

What's the matter?

Actovegin is not a blood preparation (like those in the doping list), but a deproteinized blood derivative of calves, that is, a protein-free extract from the blood.

What is the reason for using

Actovegin in sports?

In sports there is a long-standing problem - the problem of hypoxia, when the main goal is to achieve high results. To achieve this goal, drugs - antihypoxic drugs that help reduce hypoxia and actively help increase the resistance of cells to oxygen deficiency.
About the unique drug Actovegin, its effects and properties, we have already written a lot in previous articles.
Actovegin improves the transport and storage of glucose and oxygen (insulin-like effect); the supply of organs and tissues with blood also increases. Ischemic tissue damage is reduced. Metabolism within cells is accelerating. Actovegin improves energy and muscle contractility, serves as an obstacle for the accumulation of lactate in them (hypoxia lactate-salt of lactic acid-accumulates, which leads to a disturbance in the respiration of tissues, fatigue and muscle pain). These unique properties of Actovegin are very helpful to athletes: from how oxygen deficiency in muscle tissues is eliminated, depends the result of training and success in the sport of each athlete. And this, of course, can not but rejoice athletes: they are always looking for ways to deliver oxygen to actively working muscle tissues.

In sports, Actovegin is used primarily to improve peripheral circulation or to restore the overall supply of glycogen.

The conducted researches of Actovegin on professional athletes showed: intravenous injection of 250 ml of an infusion 20% solution improves aerobic performance, which allows to increase the time of exercising at the maximum possible power.
The amount of glucose transport is directly proportional to the dosage of Actovegin.

The most active is Actovegin with parenteral administration.
In / m injections are quite painful, besides the solution of Actovegin hypertonic: it is not recommended to exceed the permissible dose of 5 ml!
Usually for intravenous injections use a dosage equal to two to five ml (80-200 mg).

So, for example, for training in the mid-altitude mountains (up to 3000 m high) it is recommended:
a) administer 80 mg IM or I / O (about two weeks) or
b) orally take Actovegin (one to three 200 mg tablets three times a day). The course of taking Actovegin is from two weeks to one and a half months.

During intensive training, during all competitions - in all sports - you can apply Actovegin for recovery (you can start already five days before such loads): one tablet (200 mg) - 3 p. a day or 5ml of IM - 2 r. per day, or 200 mg of IV - 1 r.v. per day.

One of the main problems in modern sports is associated with repeated traumas of the central nervous system (especially in the case of boxing, but also for fighting, skiing, technical and game sports). Of no less importance is the problem of pronounced overwork in sport. Here, to solve the issue of rendering assistance, a special role is played by drugs with neuromodulatory properties. One of the widely used drugs of this group is Actovegin, which also possesses neurotrophic properties.

The constant traumatization of the CNS (central nervous system), which accompanies various sports, is a number of neurodegenerative diseases and a number of mental disorders.

Immediately after CCT (craniocerebral injury):
Actovegin should be used according to the standard scheme adopted in neurotraumatology.

In the later period of BCC specialists suggest the following treatment regimen for Actovegin:
in / in the administration of a solution from four hundred to eight hundred mg per day for two weeks. Then break two to three days and repeat the course. It is recommended to conduct three to four courses according to the scheme described.

For the syndrome of neurologic failure and post-traumatic encephalopathy
(especially common in boxers), the course of therapy is as follows:
two pills of Actovegin three times a day. The course of treatment should last one and a half to two months.

In cases of injuries and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, Actovegin is used quite widely.
In sports, microtraumas of tendons and muscles, as well as inflammation in the Achilles tendon (achillodynia) are widespread.

With achillodynia:
5 ml of Actovegin are injected in / m injections for three weeks (with a break between injections in seven days) in the tissues of over-, sub- and peri-tendon.

In case of muscle damage:
perform complex treatment, including and ointment dressings with Actovegin.

There are data that athletes (runners) use Actovegin in the form of 5 injections a day after the steroid course (athletes using steroids use them usually in small doses - 10 mg per day).

The well-known drug Mildronate also helps athletes, which can be prescribed by sports doctors (in combination with other restorative drugs) and in preparation for the competition, and during competitions with heavy physical exertion. Moreover, joint oral administration of Actovegin and Mildronate is allowed.

A huge physical load - the natural state of the athlete in preparation for the competition and during the competition. Mildronate balances the need for cells in oxygen (necessary for their life) and providing them with the latter. In addition, this medicine eliminates the accumulation of toxic metabolic products in cells, thus protecting them from pathology.

Mildronate reduces the weariness of the athlete and contributes to his better health.

Special instructions for the use of Actovegin

It is recommended to test a few ml of the solution (because an allergic reaction is possible). The infusion rate is 2 ml / min.

The drug solution Actovegin for parenteral administration is compatible only with 0.9% NaCl solution or 5% glucose solution.
No other drugs can not be added!

Before applying Actovegin, you should consult your doctor.

So does Actovegin benefit athletes? Certainly!

Actovegin helps athletes (almost in any sport) to maintain high performance, improve immunity and restore the body. Actovegin is used both before the competition and during the recovery period (both in the form of pills and in the form of injections).
Actovegin® for athlets
Recommendations for use in sport:

  • Acceleration of the processes of recovery after stress, aimed at the development of endurance.
  • Prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative embodiment physical overexertion cardiovascular system (especially during exercise in conditions of middle).
  • Maintaining high efficiency in a high mountain climbing.
  • Achillodynia and muscle tears.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • The syndrome of cerebral insufficiency boxers.
  • Frostbite representatives of winter sports.
  • The increase in body weight.
  • Prevention and treatment of sports pse\udonefropatias.

Pharmachologic effect:

Antihypoxant represents gemoderivat which is prepared by dialysis and ultrafiltration (permeate compounds having a molecular weight less than 5000 daltons).

Positively affects the transport and utilization of glucose stimulates oxygen consumption (which leads to stabilization of the plasma membranes of cells during ischemia and reduce the formation of lactate) providing thus antihypoxia action.

Aktovegin® increases the concentration of ATP, ADP, phosphocreatine, and amino acids (glutamate, aspartate) and GABA.

Effect of drug Aktovegin® on the absorption and utilization of oxygen, and insulin-like activity to the stimulation of glucose transport and oxidation are important in the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy.

In patients with diabetes and diabetic polyneuropathy Aktovegin® significantly reduces the symptoms of polyneuropathy (stabbing pain, burning pain, paresthesia, numbness of the lower limbs). Objectively reduced sensitivity disorders, improves mental well-being of patients.

Actovegin effect begins to appear no later than 30 minutes after oral administration and reaches a peak, average, after 3 hours (2-6 hours).


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